Khelostar protects your data, gathered when using our services, due to international legislation. This Privacy Policy informs you what details and why are collected, and how they are used.

Reading the Privacy Policy, you accept an agreement between you and Khelostar (‘We’, ‘Us’, or ‘Our’ in the text below). This Privacy Policy is a part of Khelostar Terms and Conditions. 

The Privacy Policy can be expanded and amended. We will notify you of all changes by reposting its new text on our platforms. We recommend you reread it periodically.


We gather information to check your identity (Personal Information). We may ask you to enter this data when you register or log in to your account or use our website services:

The Personal Information obligatory includes the list but is not limited to it. The additional personal data is:

This information is securely stored on our servers and is not accessible to any third party.

The Personal Information also contains administrative and traffic data (activity logs), collected during your interaction with our services:

We don’t gather your Personal Information without your knowledge and permission.


As was told above, we may automatically collect your data through your interactions with the Khelostar interface. We also get Personal Information from external service providers, online vendors, and other third parties.

We may involve the services of third-party providers for technical support and processing of your online transactions and account. We have access to your information gathered by service providers, vendors, and other third-party online services, and we will use it due to this Privacy Policy. 

This information will only be revealed to third parties due to the Privacy Policy. We ensure that these arrangements secure your privacy.


We need your Personal Information for these purposes:

We may pass your Personal Information to our reliable partners that have proper arrangements with Khelostar.

Your Personal Information may also be used to send you promotions about the products and services of Khelostar and our partners. It’s made to improve your user experience and our customer service.

Sometimes, to request information, we may offer you surveys or contests. Participation in these activities is completely voluntary. Our survey request may contain contact information (name, correspondence address, and phone number) and demographic data (age, zip code).

By accepting any contest winnings, you give us the right to use your name for marketing purposes without additional compensation, where it’s allowed by law. 

Unless you refuse certain Khelostar promotions, we reserve the right to use your Personal Information to send to you news and details about other our services (including online poker, casino, betting, and backgammon) and the ones by third parties.


We may reveal your Personal Information due to legislative requirements or to our goodwill, if, as we think, it’s necessary to:

If Khelostar detects you cheating or defrauding, the company reserves the right to disclose your identity and share your Personal Information with appropriate institutions, agencies, and authorities.

We consider the following actions as malicious:

The list of malicious actions is not limited to the items above.

Your anonymous data may be passed to the research institutions for addiction prevention.


You may refuse of receiving any promotional communications at any time in the following ways:

You also may appeal to our Support if you:

After your request, we will update any information, asked for and approved by you, or prohibit its use for marketing purposes.

As a gambling services provider, Khelostar can’t change or delete any data, required by law.


To play games for real money on Khelostar, you need to transfer money to and from the site. 

We may use third-party digital payment systems to process these transfers. 

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you allow information transfer, used for transactions processing, including interstate transfer. We ensure that our agreements are safe for your privacy.


Khelostar reserves the right for a security review to check if your registration data, services used and financial transactions violate our Terms and Conditions or international legislation. 

By using our services, you allow us to reveal your Personal Information to third parties for validation. The information will be transferred outside of your country if it’s necessary. 

Security reviews may contain a credit report and/or information verified by third-party databases. Security reviews are not limited to these forms. Due to the Privacy Policy, you agree to provide necessary data on demand.


Khelostar uses modern security software and technologies able to protect both your privacy and money. We store all Personal Information in encrypted databases with complex password protection in a safe network, secured by an advanced firewall.

Our Services support SSL. We check if our partners use software with strict security conditions.


Our Services are strictly prohibited for persons under the age of majority (18 in most countries). If you provide us your information in any possible way you claim to be at least 18 years old. 

Khelostar detects and prevents minors’ attempts to access its services. Therefore, in case of any doubts, you may have to pass a security review to prove your majority.

We don’t accept minors’ information and delete it in cases when it’s present on our servers.


Information on your device

Cookies are a type of data file with your user preferences, created and renewed when you visit websites. This part of Personal Information is usually stored on your device. 

We also use Local Shared Objects or flash cookies. Flash cookies are a type of browser cookies, specific for Flash objects. They allow us to register your activity on Khelostar animated advertisements and videos.

Both cookies and flash cookies are used to trace your site experience only. Their structure doesn’t allow access to other information on your device. 

Cookies help us to register your activity on the site and improve our service usability. We also use cookies to select more relevant advertisements for you.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies allow a user to navigate a website and use its full functionality, for example, access to protected areas or financial transactions. These cookies provide efficient work on our website.

Registration cookies

These cookies store data gathered during your registration. They mark you as our player, provide you with the necessary services, understand your concerns better, and improve your user experience.

Website cookies

Our servers use these kinds of cookies.

Session-based cookies are stored on your device for one session only and expire after the browser closes. They speed up your site navigation and help to select more relevant information for you if you’re a registered customer. 

Persistent cookies (including Flash ones)remain on your device for time, set in their program code.

Analytical cookiesare used to track and estimate the number of users on the Khelostar site and see their activities. It helps us to improve site usability. 

You can either accept or decline cookies manually or configure your browser via the Help menu, Configurations, or Notifications. If you decline cookies, you may disable all interactive content on our site.

To allow or forbid third-party flash cookies, go to the Settings Manager, choose the Global Storage Settings panel and click the checkbox ‘Allow third-party flash content to store information on your computer. There you may also specify websites you want to allow sending you flash cookies.

The Settings Manager may be missing in older versions of Flash Player or a browser, we recommend you update them.


We are not responsible for the privacy of any data passed by you to third-party sites and gathered via either external links or our cooperation programs (including affiliation program), because these third-party sites are independent of us. 

Any information gathered by a third party adheres to its privacy policy.


Khelostar isn’t responsible for ‘AS-IS’ and ‘AS-AVAILABLE’ services and cannot guarantee error-free performance and the absence of any indirect damages to your Personal Information.


Using our services, you agree to all Privacy Policy statements. Its current version is entire, exclusive, and supersedes any earlier statements. The Privacy Policy should be used jointly with Terms and Conditions and any other terms posted on Khelostar. 

The Privacy Policy may be changed and complemented. Khelostar will inform you about these changes by publishing the new version on our site and social media. By continuing to use our services after the Privacy Policy updates, you accept all changes. Therefore it’s recommended to regularly read the Privacy Policy.


Khelostar site may contain external links to other sites, not covered by this Privacy Policy. Personal Information, gathered on other sites, may be used by site owners due to their privacy policy. We are not responsible for any inadequate functionality or potential errors on external sites.